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Spinning dhz a300 spd

DISKON 60% Kode: A300 spd adaptor Stok: Tersedia
Berat 46.5 gram
Kondisi Baru
Kategori cardio
Dilihat 191 kali
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Spinning dhz a300 spd

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Spinning dhz a300 spd
Rp 9.500.000 Rp 24.000.000
Tersedia / A300 spd adaptor
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Noble indoor cycling bike. Ergonomic handlebar with grip options. Storage for two drinks bottles. Adjustable magnetic braking system. Comfort for all user sizes through height-adjustable handlebars and saddle. Horizontally adjustable saddle (with quick release). Double-sided pedals, with toe holder toe holder and optional SPD adapter.


Type No.: A300 spd adaptor

Size mounted (L x W x H cm): 126 x 50 x 10

Weight (kg): 46,5

Ditambahkan pada: 12 October 2021
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